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#18 Southeast European History with Chiara Bonfiglioli and Rory Archer

In this episode the historians Chiara Bonfiglioli and Rory Archer give us insight into their research on women's and gender history in Southeast Europe in the 20th century. They talk about their individual research projects on Albanian private sector workers and the textile industry, different research approaches, and intersectionality.

Chiara Bonfiglioli is an assistant professor of contemporary history in the Department of Humanities at Ca’ Foscari [ga foskari] University of Venice, Italy. She is the Principal Investigator of the ERC Consolidator project titled WO-NAM: Women and Non-Alignment in the Cold War era: biographical and intersectional perspectives. From 2017 to 2023 she lectured in Gender & Women’s Studies at University College Cork, where she coordinated the one-year interdisciplinary Masters in Women’s Studies.

Rory Archer is a social historian of the Balkans in the 20th century. He is originally from Ireland, but works at the University of Graz, more specifically the Centre for Southeast European Studies. Right now he works on two different projects, one is about Albanian migration in socialist Yugoslavia and the second is about the Yugoslav work force in Zambia. He is also teaching in the Master’s Program Southeast European Studies.

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More about Chiara Bonfiglioli on her official website

More about Rory Archer on his official website

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More about the use of triangulation in research


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22.-23.2.2024 Reproductive Justice in the Context of Queer and Trans Reproduction with Assisted Reproductive Technologies – Conference. More information online.


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