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We offer seminars, workshops and programmes for students, young scientists, executives, general staff, the entire scientific staff and for multipliers of gender equality agendas. They are generally held in German. Selected workshops are also offered in English if required. The MentoringPLUS programme is exclusively held in English in order to offer all young female scientists/scholars with limited contracts an accommodating support.

Current offers can be found in the calendar of events - here you can get an overview:

- Gender competence for university members

- Diversity competence for university members

- University orientation for female students and graduates

- Career Promotion for women scientists/scholars

- Training for executives




Bias Sensitisation: Quality Assurance for the Personnel Selection Area
Annual workshops for members of the University of Graz with tasks in committees - the focus is on the appointment procedure.

"Gender-sensitive didactics in university teaching"
Seminar for scientists/scholars - teachers - of all departments of the University of Graz, the Technical University Graz, the Medical University Graz and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. 

"Gender Competences in the Context of Social Diversity"
Course for students - in cooperation with the Social Competence Centre of the University of Graz, in the winter semester. Students of TUG, MUG and KUG can register under the same conditions as TU students.

The Mentoring - JOUR FIXE
Once a semester, a four-hour workshop with topics relevant to the promotion of young researchers on the basis of gender and diversity is offered to executives of the University of Graz who (will) shape supportive relationships with young researchers.

Mentoring as a tool in promoting young talent at universities - a handbook with practical guidance for mentors.
Link to the Mentoring Handbook (part of the Graz University Library, free download)

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Workshop PRIVILEGE AWARENESS: Self-reflection for a better cooperation at the university - about identity, "blind spots" and unconscious power relations.
One-day workshop with half-day follow-up for all members of University Graz, the Graz University of Technology, the Medical University of Graz and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Workshop HOW TO COLLABORATE WITH ALMOST EVERYONE: online or in presence
Half-day workshop for all interested members of the University of Graz from science and administration. It presents methods and tools for inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration in projects, which can be used especially in virtual collaboration.

1-day workshop for all interested members of the University of Graz of any field. It deals with discrimination in everyday university life using concrete examples, for instance in administrative processes, courses or examination situations. The goal is to support participants in recognizing and dealing with discriminatory situations as witness.

Please also have a look at our diversity page!

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Workshop "Occupation as a University Lecturer"
One-day orientation workshop for master students, diploma students, PhDs (also artistic dissertations) and project staff of the University Graz, the Technical University and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, who need more transparency for a decision for a university career.

Workshop "Profession: Scientist, Doctor and University Lecturer"
Half-day orientation workshop for female doctors in training to become specialists and graduates of the Medical University of Graz who need more transparency for a decision on a career in science and research and for the development of a research focus.

"Gender (R)Evolution at the University"
1.5-day seminar for female students and scientists/scholars of the four Graz Universities to reflect on the university and its scientific environment and the localisation of women in it.

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"I've got something to say" - More certainty to take the floor
In this 1.5-day workshop, students* with the need to speak self-assured and confidently at university are supported.

Sexism and sexual harassment in the university context
Workshop for female* members of the University of Graz. What profound effects do different forms of sexism at universities have on individuals, teams and research institutions? And on the scientific career? And: How can sexual harassment be dealt with in a university context in the sense of recognition, communication and empowerment?

Strategic career planning for Predocs
1.5-day seminar for pre-PhDs: What course can I set in the planning phase of the dissertation for the future as a researcher/university teacher?

Career programme for female scientists/scholars - competencies, strategies and networks.
One-year programme for doctoral students and postdocs from the four Graz Universities with 8 seminars, workshops, expert discussions and group & individual coaching. Registration until mid-October of each year. German spoken.

SUMMER SCHOOL for female* scientists in Science & Technology
This career-oriented 8-day continuing education programme contributes to the promotion of equal opportunities and the advancement of academic careers of women* in Science and Technology.

Specific course-setting for Postdocs
One-day workshop with input and strategic tips for postdocs from the four Graz Universities.

MentoringPLUS - Empowerment for Mentees (female PhD students and postdocs of the University of Graz). The yearly workshop is open to all women junior scientists/scholars from any field of research. It aims to prepare and accompany the target group for a traditional mentoring partnership and peer mentoring. In english.

Status Games - presence and natural authority
The 2-day workshop supports women (post-docs, habilitated women and habilitated women scientists/scholars of the University of Graz) who see expressiveness, assertiveness and natural authority as a special challenge in their scientific work. With individual coaching as follow-up.

Meeting-Point career position/habilitation
One-day workshop with input and strategic tips for female habilitants and holders of career/tenure track positions at the four Graz Universities.

Strategic negotiation for women scientists/scholars
The 1.5-day seminar for female scientists/scholars from the four Graz Universities shows how negotiations can be structured successfully and purposefully, rather than as a controversial scenario.

Application and appointment training: strategies and training
The three-day seminar offers information, training and strategy building for applications and appointment procedures in the scientific field for female postdocs, habilitants, habilitated and adequately qualified women.

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Prof. - Skills
Yearly workshops on topics such as negotiation strategies, conflict management and communication in the university field with networking goals for female professors of the four Graz Universities. Due to the tight time budget of the executives, the workshop will be held a half day with a short follow-up if necessary.

SEXUALIZED DISCRIMINATION AND VIOLENCE: Obligations and Possibilities for Action
Information and training for executives/professors and teachers/lecturers/supervisors of the University, - they have special opportunities for action and also responsibility. Yearly workshop.

Executive development
Intervention package (2020-2022) to increase the proportion of women in university leadership positions.

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