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Further equality measures

Equality: the policiy mix at the University of Graz

Since its introduction in the early 1990s, special antidiscrimination legislation at Austrian universities has been accompanied by preventive measures. Initially, these were almost exclusively measures to promote women, i.e. compensations for the disadvantages experienced by individual female scientists. In recent years structural precautions have been implemented both centrally (by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research,in some cases in cooperation with the major research promotion institutions) and by the universities themselves.

The spectrum of interventions has been deliberately kept very broad in Austria, as the problem has many different causes and therefore a policy mix is the solution that promises the most success. The University of Graz implements interventions at all levels of the organisational structure and for all groups working at the university: 



  • institutionalisation of the topic of equal opportunities at the level of the rectorate (Rector of the University of Graz Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Polaschek / Special Representative of the University Management for Equality with regard to Gender and Diversity Ao.Univ.-Prof. in Dr. Renate Dworczak)
  • declared objective gender-equitable appointment policy


Steering instruments

  • internal performance agreements comprise target metrics and policies on equal opportunities
  • financial incentives: awards to scientific areas for the promotion of young researchers and for equal opportunities concerning access and promotion   (according to the gender equality plan)


Quality assurance

  • integration of gender equality into reporting - permanent gender equality monitoring
  • equal opportunities is integrated in research evaluation procedures, and thus constitutes a relevant component of quality
  • gender budgeting


Processes / Procedures

  • transparency, standardisation, objectification based on precautions defined by a gender equality plan and a equal opportunities plan
  • equal opportunity aspects in appointment procedures (controlling, guidelines for the assessment of gender competence, consideration of academic age.)


Organisational Culture

  • informing, awareness building, creating transparency - increasing gender competence through informations and training
  • recommendations: Meeting times, gender-sensitive language (anchored in the gender equality plan)


Teaching  / Studies

  • integration of the topic of gender equality in course evaluation
  • training courses on gender-sensitive didactics
  • continuing education courses on gender competence for students
  • obligation to integrate gender studies in Bachelor curricula


Personnel development / recruitment

  • embedding the topic in the internal (mandatory) trainee programmes
  • support of recruitment through discrimination protection unit
  • individual tenure track positions specifically dedicated to women


Work life balance

  • unikid – advice and services for family care
  • unicare – counselling for people with relatives in need of care
  • strategic project Work-Life Balance



  • bias awareness workshops for members of committees with personnel assessment and selection tasks
  • Mentoring - Jour Fixe: advise regarding gender- and diversity-oriented guidance and leadership esp. for young researchers


A good practice compilation of equal opportunities measures implemented at Austrian universities can be found in the online database "Toolbox Gender Platform. Equal opportunities work at Austrian universities" at the genderplattform.at

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