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The Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities

is an institution of the inter-faculty service area of the University of Graz. Since 1994, it is committed to the equality of men and women, the promotion and strengthening of gender studies, and the raising of awareness for fair, diversity-sensitive and tolerant cooperation among all members of the university. It is supported in its work by an interdisciplinary scientific advisory board. In order to achieve the goal of an equal opportunity anti-bias university, equality policy measures are developed and implemented with and for all university members, including graduates and prospective students.



  • raise awareness of issues such as equality, bias, diversity and discrimination
  • provide information for students, staff and interested members of the general public
  • build knowledge and bring expertise in gender equality and gender studies into organizational development
  • increase participation of women as well as other underrepresented groups - in all decision-making processes at university
  • reduce structural barriers to enable equal opportunities for all at the university
  • establish equal opportunities so that individuals are judged on the basis of their competencies and not on basis of social categorizations
  • promote and coordinate gender studies to provide knowledge and skills for social development
  • facilitate networking both within the university and with external stakeholders




The following offers are designed for: Prospective students and students, pre-docs and post-docs, post-doctoral researchers, teachers and researchers, mentors and staff leaders, decision-makers, administrative staff and interested persons from outside the university.

  • Consulting and continuing education on strategic career planning and career development for young female scientists, e.g. career program, mentoring
  • Personnel development, development of staff leaders, personality and awareness raising on topics such as gender, equality and diversity, e.g. in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars
  • Study opportunities with a focus on gender: Broadening of an innovative and interdisciplinary range of courses as well as organization and coordination of the master's program Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, library
  • Expertise and strategy development through gender equality monitoring, reporting and presentations, e.g. brochure "Facts, Figures, Analyses.", occasion-related analyses and gender budgeting
  • Monetary and non-monetary support services, such as scholarships for women as well as intra- and extra-university networking

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