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Multimedia Archive

Here we provide you with audio recordings of our lecture events – sorry, only some of them are available in English. In addition to use on desktop computers, the content can also be downloaded and played on mobile devices – such as MP3 players. In this way, scientific lectures can be used sustainably, independent of time and place.


Videos di[uni]versität

Click here to get to the exciting videos which were produced in the context of the awareness campaign di[uni]versität: di[uni]versitäts-Videos



Consume, Commodify, Repeat: Patterns of Scripting Black Masculine Bodies in Popular Culture

Lecture by Dr. Ronald L. Jackson II at the Day of Equality on 12 June 2019 on the occation of the 25-years-celebration of the Coordination Centre. 

Dr. Ronald L. Jackson II is immediate past president of the National Communication Association, professor of communication, former Dean of the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Cincinnati (UC), and an internationally renowned identity scholar and sought after speaker.



Masculinity and Fatherhood among men with turkish migration history in Europe

Lecture by Prof. Hande Birkalan-Gedik at the event "Incentice System" on 7 June 2016 

Since the ground-breaking study of Raewyn Connell, a plurality of masculinity studies has burgeoned in the field of men`s studies. In the last three decades, the abundance in this area also included studies on masculinities and fatherhood, mostly focusing on different fathers and fathering practices. Rarely, however, fatherhood and masculinities were considered from the angle of religion, in our case, Islam. I will present parts of my ethnographic research I conducted in 2014-2015 (funded by TUBITAK 2219 Program) in Rhein-Main Region in Germany. I mainly rely upon and extract data from my research, where I have worked with fathers with a migration history from Turkey. I aim to establishing an idea of fatherhood in relation to the manly habitus, which is characterized by a number of social divisions or inclusions and exclusions, all of which are widely framed in a framework of intersectionality. considered as such, Islam and the representation of "migrant man" and "migrant masculinity" will be important aspects of this presentation. I will evaluate concepts such as "migrant", "muslim" and "man" and will show new perspectives on religion, particularly on Islam, since a great deal of my informants also embodied a religious habitus of their own in their fatherhood practices.



"Military, metaphors and masculinity: The construction of gender practice in leadership studies"

Lecture by Prof. Sara Louise Muhr (Copenhagen) on 13 March 2015

Prof. Sara Louise Muhr, PhD, Professor at the Department of Organization of the Copenhagen Business School and Aigner-Rollett Visiting Professor was a guest at the Institute of Human Resource Policy in the summer semester 2015.

Leadership is a dazzling construct. Metaphors help us to understand this construct by allowing us to approach it without having to know the "objective reality" as such. The lecture will highlight the use of military metaphor in the context of leadership and masculinity. It discusses the consequences of an idealizing and unreflective use of this metaphor - both for leadership research and leadership practice.

In her lecture "CURRENT DISCURSE IN UNIVERSITY MENTORING at the interface between the promotion of young talent and structural change", Prof. Sara Louise Muhr, PhD, Professor at the Department of Organization of the Copenhagen Business School and Aigner-Rollett Guest Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, dealt with international experiences with the implementation of mentoring. In this context, various currently discussed approaches such as sponsorship (Sylvia Ann Hewlett) and the bifocal approach (Jennifer de Vries) were presented and the potential of mentoring programmes for change at the organisational level was examined.  



Transnationalization and Its Absence:

The Balkan Semiperipheral Perspective on Masculinities

Lectue by Dr. Marina Hughson (Blagojevic), Belgrad (20 March 2014)

University of Belgrad, Yugoslavia

Dr. Marina Hughson (Blagojević) is a sociologist and a gender expert, she was a university professor at the University of Belgrade and a visiting professor in various countries. Most recently, she worked at the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research in Belgrade. She is the current Aigner Rollett Visiting Professor for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Graz, which is based at the Faculty of Humanities, Center for Southeast European Studies, in the summer semester 2014.

This talk is based on the recently published book "Rethinking Transnational Men: Beyond, Between and Within the Nations" (ed. By Jeff Hearn, Marina Blagojevic and Kathrine Harrison, Routledge, 2013).




Vortrag Prof. Louise Morley, Sussex (30 January 2012)

Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research, CHEER, University of Sussex, UK


Quality assurance is a hegemonic discourse, yet it is applied partially and selectively to certain aspects of higher education. Higher education today is characterised by a mixture of hyper-modernisation via the development of global, entrepreneurial, corporate, commercialised universities and speeded up public intellectuals on the move. This is often underpinned by the archaism of poor quality employment and learning environments, globalised gender inequalities and elitist patterns of participation.

Change has been rapid and extreme. Counter hegemonic advocates did not necessarily predict the scale of neo-liberal and austerity driven change in higher education. Traditionalists did not foresee the industrialisation, massification and introduction of a mixed economy in higher education. The academic imaginary has tended to be harnessed to crititque, rather than to engage in futurology. Desire, as well as loss, needs to be considered. Questions about the desired morphology of the (quality) university of the future seem to be eclipsed by pressing concerns in the present.

Louise Morley is Professor of Educational Science and Head of the "Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research" (CHEER) at the University of Sussex in England.


"Testimonies, Visualities, Hope: Romani Women, the Holocaust and the Visual History Archive"

Lecture by Prof. Ethel Brooks, New Jersey, USA (1 December 2011)

Departments of Women`s and Gender Studies and Sociology at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Ethel Brooks is associate professor at the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies and Sociology at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

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