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Aigner-Rollett Visiting Professorship

for Gender Research

The one-semester Aigner-Rollett Visiting Professorship for Gender Research is announced each academic year with a specific thematic focus. On the initiative of the Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equality Opportunities and in close cooperation with its scientific advisory board, all faculties of the University of Graz are invited to participate in the rotation procedure to define the thematic focus.

The courses held by the visiting professors always have an interdisciplinary character and enrich the range of courses at the University of Graz. They are relevant for all students of the University of Graz, especially for those of the participating faculty and the Master's programme Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. In addition, the Aigner-Rollett Guest Professorship offers lecturers and students the opportunity to establish contacts with internationally recognised experts.


Aigner-Rollett guest professor in winter term 2021/22

Guest professors so far

  • Seo-Young Cho (winter term 2020/21)
  • Ilse Bartosch (summer term 2020)
  • Begonya Enguix-Grau (summer term 2019)
  • Leila Bijos (winter term 2018/19)
  • Sybille Bauriedl (summer term 2017)
  • Hande Birkalan-Gedik (winter term 2016)
  • Sara Louise Muhr (summer term 2015)
  • Marina Blagojevic Hughson (summer term 2014)
  • Julia Nentwich (winter term 2012/13)
  • Ilse Hartmann-Tews (summer term 2012)
  • Ulrike Aichhorn (winter term 2011/12)
  • Silvia Stoller (summer term 2011)
  • Stefanie Duttweiler (winter term 2010/11)
  • Monika Bloss (summer term 2010)
  • Annette Runte (winter term 2009/10)
  • Ines Weller (summer term 2009)
  • Laura S. Frost (winter term 2008/09)
  • Kerstin Palm (winter term 2008/09)
  • Cordula Reimann (summer term 2008)
  • Kornelía Buday (winter term 2007/08)
  • Gabriele Dietze (summer term 2007)
  • Gabriele Michalitsch (winter term 2006/07)
  • Sabine Mitterecker (summer term 2006)
  • Angela Moré (winter term 2005/06)
  • Birgit Thoma (summer term 2005)
  • Maria Häusl (winter term 2004/05)
  • Angelika Wetterer (summer term 2004)
  • Regine Bendl (winter term 2003/04)
  • Sigrid Schmitz (summer term 2003)
  • Susanne Lanwerd (winter term 2002/03)
  • Mary Pepchinski (summer term 2002)
  • Nanny Drechsler (winter term 2001/02)
  • Margarethe Hochleitner (summer term 2001)
  • Brita Neuhold (winter term 2000/01)
  • Uta Klein (summer term 2000)
  • Anna Bergmann (winter term 1999/2000)

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