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Mentees: MentoringPLUS


The MentoringPLUS workshops are open to all women* junior scientists/scholars from any field of research at Graz University. The workshops aim to prepare  female* PhD students and Post-Docs for a traditional mentoring partnership. Mentees are guided to actively shape their mentoring partnership. They shall define their goals, which they shall then work on achieving together with their mentors. Individual coachings support mentees in their endeavours, provide guidance and offer stimulus. The language can be English or German.

Target group
Female* PhD students and Post-Docs of any discipline at Graz University who aim to engage in supportive interaction in the shape of mentoring for their scientific/academic career.


Workshop: Thursday, 11. May 2023, 8 hours, 9 am - 5 pm
Plus individual Coaching: 2 individual Coachings for each participant
Registration: until 4. May 2023. Send the completed registration form (pdf or word) via email.
Contact: Tel. 0043/(0)316-380-2084, weiterbildung.gleichstellung@uni-graz.at

The activities in the area of gender equality are based on the long-standing observation that the scientific potential of women is often not translated into status gains in the scientific community, despite existing high qualifications. As a result, the proportion of women in the academic population decreases rapidly between the start of studies, graduation and the individual career stages of an academic career.

This situation is to be counteracted by our measures like Mentoring. The guiding question for the content design is: How can women transport their scientific qualifications into access to status in the scientific community?

The workshop contributes to establish a gender-symmetrical culture at the University of Graz and to supports scientific careers of women*. 


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